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Prime Insulators Pvt. Ltd. and its range of products are synonymous to high quality and performance. Our range of products includes :

  • Disc Insulators
  • Guy Insulator
  • Line Post Insulator
  • Lightning Arrestors
  • Pin Insulators
  • Post Insulators
  • Transformer Bushings
  • Shackle Insulator

The products offered by us developed and designed as per the international quality and norms. They are made from the best quality raw materials making them highly efficient and long lasting in nature.

Our products are properly tested on different parameters before they are supplied in the market. We offer them in the standard as well as customized specification according to the requirement of the valued clients. These insulators, bushings, arrestor, etc. are high on demand in among the Power Transmission & Distribution Suppliers.

Sr. No. Product Name Specification No.
111 KV Pin Insulators 230 CDIS-731
211 KV Pin Insulators 275 CDIS-731
311 KV Pin Insulators 320 CDIS-731
411 KV Pin Insulators 320 CDIS-731
522 KV Pin Insulators 580 CD(Single Part)IS-731
633 KV Pin Insulators 580 CD(Single Part)IS-731
733 KV Pin Insulators 900 CD(Single Part)IS-731
833 KV Pin Insulators 900 CD(Double Part)IS-731
911 KV Post Insulators 320CDIS-2544
1022 KV Post Insulator 430 CDIS-2544
1133KV Post Insulartor 580CD (Double Part)IS-2544
1211 KV Solid Core Insulator, 320 CDIS-2544
1333KV Solid Core Insulator 900CDIS-2544
1411 KV Solid Core Post Insulators 320CDIS-2544
1522 KV Solid Core Post Insulators 580CDIS-2544
1645 KN Disc Insulators B & S, T & C TypeIS-731
1770 KN Disc Insulators B & S Type IS-731
1890 KN Disc Insulators B & S TypeIS-731
19Shackle 75 x 95IS -1445
20Guy Insulator LT & HTIS - 5300
21Lighting Arrestor Shell 6KV,9KV,18KV,36KV,42.5KV, 72.5KVLighting Arrestor Shell 6KV,9KV,18KV,36KV,42.5KV, 72.5KVIS -5621, 2099
22Capacitor BushingsIS -5621, 2099
231.1KV/250 Amps. L.V. BushingIS-3347
241.1KV/630 Amps. L.V. BushingIS-3347
251.1KV/1000 Amps. L.V. BushingIS-3347
261.1KV/2000 Amps. L.V. BushingIS-3347
271.1KV/3150 Amps. L.V. BushingIS-3347
2812KV/250 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
2912KV/630 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
3012KV/1000 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
3112KV/2000 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
3212KV/250 Amps H.V. BushingIS-8603
3312KV/630 Amps H.V. BushingIS-8603
3412KV/1000 Amps H.V. BushingIS-8603
3512KV/2000 Amps H.V. BushingIS-8603
3624KV/250 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
3724KV/630 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
3624KV/1000 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
3724KV/2000 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
3824KV/250 Amps H.V. BushingIS-8603
3924KV/630 Amps H.V. BushingIS-8603
4024KV/1000 Amps H.V. BushingIS-8603
4136KV/250 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
4236KV/630 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
4336KV/1000 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
4436KV/2000 Amps H.V. BushingIS-3347
4536KV/250 Amps H.V. BushingIS-8603
4636KV/630 Amps H.V. BushingIS-8603
4736KV/1000 Amps H.V. BushingIS-8603
4836KV/2000 Amps H.V. BushingIS-8603
4912KV CT BushingIS-5621
5024KV CT BushingIS-5621
5136KV CT BushingIS-5621
52As Per Customer Design -

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