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List Of Machinery
We have installed sophisticated machines at our unit efficient for the production of our insulating items. The following is the list of our machines at the unit.

Sr. No. Name Of Machine QTY. Value Location Shop Make Year of Manufg.
1Ball Mill 7'x7' 2.5 MT Each 615 MT Each ChargeSlip HouseDelite Machinery2006
2Ball Mill 6' x 4' (Glaze) 25MT/DayGlaze RoomDelite Machinery2006
3High Speed Blunger 3MT Each 39MT Each ChargeSlip HouseDelite Machinery2006
4Agitator 48MT/DaySlip HouseDelite Machinery2006
5Filter Press Auto Hydraulic 3MT each412MT Each Charge Slip HouseSachin Filtech Pvt Ltd & Delite Machinery2006
6Vacuum Pug Mill 300mm Dia Pm-1, 35MT/18hrs270MT/18hrsPugging AreaGhosh Metal Works2006
7Standard Copying Machine a) 400mm Height 105MT/DayCopying AreaGhosh Metal Works2006
b) 1000mm Height 23MT/DayCopying AreaGhosh Metal Works2006
c) 1500mm Height 12MT/DayCopying AreaPavan Industries2006
8Mechanical Press (Bumpy Press) 15MT/DayCopying AreaGhosh Metal Works2006
9Humidity Tunnel Drier 115MT/DayDrier AreaSelf Fabricated2006
10Tunnel Kiln 110MT/Day Kiln AreaSelf Fabricated2006
11Shuttle Kiln 115MT/Cycle Kiln AreaKiln & Machineries2006
12Booster (Back up to maintain Drier temp.)11 DrierKiln AreaSelf Fabricated2006
13Pneumatic Capping Machine 13000 Nos/DayCapping AreaGhosh Metal Works2006
14Vibrator Screen 120# 24' Glaze14MT/DayGlaze RoomSai deep2006
15Vibrator Screen 100# 36' Slip 1200MT/DaySlip HouseSai deep2006
16Air Compressor 30 HP1100MT/Day Slip HouseChicago Pneumatic2006
17Standard Making Machine 26MT/DayMaking AreaDelite Machinery2006
18Jiggering Machine 210MT/DayCopying AreaGhosh Metal Works2006
19Finishing Machine 1836 MT/DayFinishing AreaDelite Machinery2006
20Hollow Insulators Cutting and Grinding Machine12.4MT/Day Cutting & Grinding roomPavan Industries2006
21Solid Insulators Cutting and Grinding Machine 12.4MT/DayCutting & Grinding roomPavan Industries2006
22Umbrella Numeric Control Molding Machine 12MT/Day Copying AreaKexinda2006
23Spindle Press (Rotating Type) 12MT/Day Copying AreaGhosh Metal Works2006
24Diapharm Pump (Air Operated) 3

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